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Look, let’s “real talk” for a minute. Atheists are getting their asses kicked, even though we have all the evidence on our side, the smartest people in the world on our side, and the truth itself on our side. None of that seems to matter much, we are still getting our asses pounded day in and day out by religious fools.

Why is this? Well it’s simple. Religious people freely give huge sums of their hard earned dollars to make sure their bullshit propaganda is spread across the world. You see these con-men on T.V. everyday begging for money from the gullible idiots who believe their lies; and they get it. LOTS and LOTS of money. Many “believers” have no problem giving 10%+ of their income to spread this horseshit.

Meanwhile, people like Jaclyn Glenn who spend their time trying to spread the truth get jack shit (unless you count death threats). Atheists simply do not support each other very well. They are a skeptical bunch that seem to resent being asked to do anything. It’s a sad fact, but if things do not change and atheists do not become more willing to put their money where their mouths are and actually start financially supporting those of us willing to put our very lives on the line, we will never win. The same bullshit that has been going on for thousands of years will continue. It’s as simple as that.

Logic-Wear was created by atheist comedian Dusty Smith to help change all that. He created the clothing line after his atheist website was banned from Google Adsense for “Hate Speech” following a false flag campaign by religious extremist. In speaking with many other atheist artists he found the same patterns repeating over and over. Atheist and secular artists and bloggers who are not part of the main stream have difficulty finding sponsors for their work. Youtube atheists make peanuts on their videos due to the amount of sponsors who simply opt out of having their ads run on atheist media. This is one of the main reasons there are so few quality, active atheist channels. The support simply is not there.

At first, Logic-Wear was used only to sponsor Dusty’s own atheist based show, Cult Of Dusty. The clothing line started off as mom and pop as you can get, with the T-shirts being hand painted in the kitchen of a tiny cabin in the woods of Mississippi. It was slow going at first, but by keeping a finger on the pulse of the secular community and continuously adding newer and more popular designs, Logic-Wear grew into one of the largest and most respected atheist clothing lines in the world. Now Logic-Wear sponsors many atheist artist and bloggers from all over the internet. The main goal of this clothing lines is to support as many atheist artists as we can so they can help spread this incredibly important message.

100% of the profits from Logic-Wear go to supporting atheist artists and bloggers. Who gets the money?

Well 60% of everything sold on this website goes directly to supporting the work of Jaclyn Glenn. If you enjoy her videos and want to see more, you SHOULD support her. Making Youtube videos is a very time consuming art form, but also a VERY important one. This is how we reach the next generation. If you do not support the art you like then it usually goes away. So support Jaclyn and support her often. Logic-Wear shirts are the perfect way to both get an amazing shirt for yourself that helps you represent Logic to the world, and also let’s you help to make the world a better place by supporting important work. So collect them all!

Additionally, 30% of all Logic-Wear shirt sales are recycled back into the Atheist community and used to sponsor other atheist bloggers and artists. Not only does your T-shirt purchase go to support Jaclyn, but it also directly goes to supporting some of the brightest secular artists and bloggers on the planet. It’s thanks to people like you that so much amazing atheist art is able to be made.

The final 10% goes to support the work of Dusty Smith, owner of Logic-Wear and one of the most well known atheist activist and artists on Youtube today.

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